Demo Downloads

Download the demo, and enjoy learning the story, talking to strange characters, listening to the music, and solving a few puzzles. This playable demo will go to a certain point in the story. If you then acquire the full version, you should then be able to install over the demo and continue from your saved games.

This is a clean install, just the demo, no adware or other undesirables. Runs with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and even XP.

Windows >> epsilon-1-01-demo-setup.exe (22.2 MB)

Adobe PDF >> Official User's Manual (3.1 MB)

And, if you're one of those power users and don't want to deal with the installer, you can get (ZIP file, 19.1 MB) directly.

Once you've previewed the game, visit the Steam Greenlight campaign where you can vote on what you think.

The Epsilon Outcome game screen

This fellow is up a creek with no paddle.