Are you having troubles installing or playing the game?

  1. Check below to see if you can find what you need;
  2. Or, send a message to the support e-mail listed on the Contact page.

I can't see the game!

The screen is blank, the colors are bad, or there is an error message that appears saying that a display cannot be found. Try running the game in a window rather than full-screen. To set windowed operation, run the game's setup utility, and check the option "Run in a window instead of full-screen." That utility also provides options for alternative methods (drivers and filters) that can be tried for changing how the the game is rendered on-screen. The "Software Renderer" should provide the most reliability.

The game's size or aspect ratio is wonky!

Try running the game in a window, or running fullscreen with "Max round multiplier" or "Stretch, preserving aspect ratio" scaling options. The game will appear the best with "Max round multipler" set. These options can be found in the Setup Utility.

I need a hint!

Access the Hint-O-Matic page for clues that will hopefully help you to be unstuck.