Are you having troubles installing or playing the game?

  1. Check below to see if you can find what you need;
  2. Visit the community on
  3. Or, send a message to the support e-mail listed on the Contact page.

I can't see the game!

The screen is blank, the colors are bad, or there is an error message that appears saying that a display cannot be found. Try running the game in a window rather than full-screen. To set windowed operation, run the game's setup utility, and check the option "Run in a window instead of full-screen." That utility also provides options for alternative methods (drivers and filters) that can be tried for changing how the the game is rendered on-screen.

I can't save my configuration in the Setup Utility!

After running the Setup Utility, any attempt to save the configuration results in no action or the error message, "Unable to write to the configuration file... If you are using Windows Vista, you may need to right- click and Run as Administrator on the Setup application." Because of the strengthened program files permissions scheme found on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, administrative privileges may be needed to make modifications to the configuration file. This happens if the installer has troubles in setting the permissions properly. To do this, you need to right-click on the "Setup Utility" icon in Windows File Explorer and select "Run as administrator". On some systems you may need an administrative password. If nothing works here, then try the next item:

I don't have permission to install the game!

Please download or access the .ZIP archive version of the game and copy the contents of the archive into any folder of your choice. This will likely allow you to run the game without the need for administrative privileges.

Windows complains that the installer is not commonly downloaded, or the SmartScreen filter pops up!

At this moment, we are in the infancy of releasing the game. Two things haven't yet happened that will make Windows Explorer and Windows SmartScreen not display these messages. First, we are in the process of obtaining a code-signing certificate that establishes reputation of the download, which is an involved process. Second, once the signed code is made available, enough people need to download the software for reputability to be established. These are byproducts of an age where malware runs rampant online. Meanwhile, to avoid these messages, you can download from Firefox or Chrome web browsers to avoid the "commonly downloaded" problem, and obtain the CD-ROM version or run with Windows Explorer to avoid the SmartScreen filter message. However, if you understand our explanation on what's going on, you can tell SmartScreen to run the app anyway. Thanks for your patience as we get the code signing certificate ready and begin to establish our reputation!

The game's size or aspect ratio is wonky!

Try running the game in a window, or running fullscreen with an altered "Side borders on widescreen monitors" option. These options can be found in the Setup Utility.

I need a hint!

Access the Hint-O-Matic page for clues that will hopefully help you to be unstuck.